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Mili - Summoning 101

Mili - Summoning 101

Artwork: Ao Fuimori

Lyrics: momocashew

Music: momocashew & Yamato Kasai

Arrangement: Yamato Kasai & Yukihito Mitomo & Shoto Yoshida

Mix & Recording Engineer: Satoshi Yoneda

Mastering: Stuart Hawkes (Metropolis)

Source : Youtube Mili 채널


[Verse 1]

I peaked through the gate

Found your hiding place

Feather pens scribble down your commands

"Scientific Evocation"

[Verse 2]

Decomposing wolf fangs

Powdery moonlight

Half a human

Bite off your nail, paint a magic circle

Chanting the magic spell

Summon me now

[Verse 3]

Take my paws, take my paws

Show me wonders of your world

The autumn leaves, the summer breeze

Your shiny hair like mahogany

Teach me, oh teach me

The language that you sing

Lyrr viva tou conquieta

Aeterrno amora

[Verse 4]

Crumbling gate

Take me back to empty space

Reached out to your gentle hands

Doors closed

Clipped my arm right off

[Verse 5]

Still you would never give up

Scanning nether for my whereabouts


Summon me now

[Verse 6]

Years gone by

No moments wasted

Day and night

No memories faded

Six hundred and seventeen pages

Now've became the basis for all creations

[Verse 7]

Hold on tight, hold on tight

Let me shield you from the storm

The melting flesh, the burning tears

Make you stronger than ever before

Vive torr amora vrk

The last words that you spoke

Oozing out from your tiny skull

Thousand years' wisdom

[Verse 8]

Take my paw, take my paw

You're the wonder of my world

The wrinkled face, the silver hair

Your crystal eyes stay a beautiful pair

Teach me, oh teach me

The magic that you preached

I tried to speak, all that came out was